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Solar PV Systems

Panasonic Solar Panels

The UK never used by to be considered as an ideal location for Solar PV, and whilst we saw the production of Solar PV grow around Europe dramatically the UK never really was part of the growth.  However the introduction of the Feed by Tariff introduced by the UK Government in April 2010 saw a massive increase in the growth of Solar PV in the UK.

Many people believe that there isn’t enough sun in this country to generate sufficient energy.  This is NOT true.  The Sun is an incredible source of energy and Solar PV systems only actually need daylight, so even on a cloudy day Solar PV systems still generate enough energy.

Solar PV Systems

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity.  The panels can be fitted to your roof, mounted to a frame on the ground, or fitted to a flat roof with our frame system.

How does Photovoltaic work?

Solar Photovoltaic cells are used to convert solar radiation into electricity. The PV cells consist of various semiconducting materials, usually silicon.  When light shines on the cell it produces an electric field across the layers, which causes electricity to flow, the greater the intensity of the light the greater the flow of electricity.

Carbon Zero Solar are Suppliers and Installers of Solar Power for Residential and Commercial use. 
We will ascertain the suitability of your property for Solar Power by carrying out an initial onsite survey.  Your individual needs and budget will be taken into consideration to help us find the system that is right for you.


"It was a pleasure dealing with Carbon Zero, there attention to detail was second to none and whenever I contacted them, and for whatever reason, a fast and satisfactory answer was always received.

After the installation was complete they contacted me the confirm that everything was alright and that I was satisfied. Which was then followed up with a visit by Gareth Jones to assist me with all paperwork, and hand over the certificates."

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