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Feed in Tariffs

save energy

April 2010 saw the introduction of the Feed in Tariff. The Feed in Tariff is an incentive by the government to install renewable energy for the electricity generation at your home or business.

The scheme guarantees a set fee for electricity generated and additional rate for electricity exported back to the grid for a set period of time.

It is believed that the scheme will entice individual households, the public sector, and commercial projects and a host of other organisations to install small-scale low carbon electricity generation technologies on their building.
How it Works

  • For all the electricity you generate you will get paid by your energy supplier.  The current rate is 13.88p per unit (or kW).  Rates will go down in 2015
  • You can use all the electricity you generate, however if you not at home then you may have surplus.  This can be exported back to the grid and you will get paid 4.77p per unit (kW) from your energy supplier.
  • Other savings will also occur because you are generating your own electricity and wont need to purchase as much from your energy supplier. 

All these payments are guaranteed by the Government for 20 years.



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