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Benefits of Solar Energy

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Solar Panels have become increasingly popular in recent years and rightly so, due to their many advantages and benefits:

Benefits of Solar Energy include:

  • Generate an Annual Benefit of upto £850 a year (Domestic)
  • Save Money on Your Rising Energy Bills
  • Feed in Tariff will allow you to get paid for the energy you produce
  • Sell the Excess back to the Grid!
  • Cutting you Carbon Footprint (Do you bit for the environment)
  • The Feed in Tariff Guaranteed (20 years guarantee by the Government)
  • Solar Power is Renewable (The sun is always going to be there as it is a consistent power source so we never have to worry about running out)
  • Solar panels are extremely reliable (The panel are renowned for being low maintenance)
  • The only silent energy source (Solar cells make no noise what so ever when collecting energy)
  • Solar systems to suit all budgets (With such a wide variety available on the market there is something to suit all)


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