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Other Renewable Energy Services

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

The rainwater harvesting system provides rainwater for flushing WC's, washing machine, the garden, washing cars and washing down the house, which means you can save the use of the alternative Mains water supply which has a high energy use and is also increasingly costly.

Cut the cost of your mains water supply.  A rainwater harvesting tank is easy to install, more cost effective than regular water supply charges and the pump automatically switches to the mains water, so no need to worry about refilling costs if your tank runs empty.

Carbon Zero Solar has a wide range of tanks to cater for different requirements.  The tanks are able to withstand 30 tonnes.

How it Works

The Rainwater System catches the Rainwater before it goes into the ground or drains. The collected rainwater is natural and soft and does not require and additives. Using the collected rainwater reduces the energy costs of the main alternative mains supply.

Using the Rainwater Harvesting System also helps to prevents floods in local areas.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Low cost complete systems
  • Quality manufacture with long warranties
  • Low maintenance
  • Above or below ground
  • Compliant to international standards
  • Wide range of tank sizes

Domestic Rainwater Systems saves on average 50% of normal water usage

Commercial Rainwater Systems saves on average 85% of normal water usage

Waste Water Treatment units

Waste Water Treatment Tanks

Easy to install treatments tanks for single house to 50 people.

  • No Noisy Blowers
  • Reliable Operation – no clogging
  • Fully Trained, Local Service & Support
  • Soakaway Options
  • Energy Efficient (7 mins/4 people/day)
  • Sampling Point included in System
  • Child Security Covers

Waste Water Treatment units

Carbon Zero Solar provides lightweight, compact small sewage treatments plants which have low installation depth.  Everything is mostly pre-assembled which makes it extremely easy to install.

  • Single House to 25 people
  • No concrete required
  • Meets all consent levels for discharge
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install, small footprint
  • No disturbance of existing tank
  • Fully qualified installers
  • Low installation and whole life costs

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Power is a freely available resource in the UK and has the highest occurrences of strong persistent year round wind in Europe. 

Carbon Zero Solar are suppliers and installers of Wind Turbines.  We off a range of turbines to suit customers requirements along with a range of rotor sizes with different outputs of 2.5kW, 6kW & 15kW.

Biomass Energy

Carbon Zero Solar believe that Biomass Energy will have a large role to play in the future of the heating industry.  Biomass burning boiler systems have many advantages over traditional fossil fuelled boiler systems. We provide a wide range of Biomass Systems that are high quality, easy to maintain and efficient.

Biomass Boiler Types from Carbon Zero Solar include:

Utility room installations:

  • Solid log burner
  • Log and straw burner (designed and manufactured in the UK)
  • Pellet burner (designed and manufactured in the UK)
  • Pellet and Chip burner

Living area instillations:

  • Pellet stoves (can be linked with water heating)
Ground Source Energy

Ground Source Energy

Ground source heat pumps circulate a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of water that is buried under the ground. The heat pumps are capable of heating water for the heating and hot water circuits of a house.

Carbon Zero Solar works via their sister company mini muckshift to install these heat pumps.


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